Nick LaVecchia grew up in suburban New Jersey and found that board sports suited him at an early age. Skateboarding and snowboarding came easy and eventually, Nick moved to Vermont after college, where he began a career in graphic design.
Soon, Nick realized being outside shooting pictures was way better than sitting in front of a computer working for the man, so he quit and bought some camera gear.
It wasn’t long before trips to Africa, South America and Costa Rica (as well as the images that came from them) fully inspired Nick to pursue Photography as his life’s passion.
Nick understands the emotional appeal of light, action and nature and what it brings to the mind of the viewer. He’s also a student of the technical aspects of shooting pictures, relentlessly pursuing better equipment, better digital processes, but always with an appreciation of the basics of capturing light on film.

Nick’s images all have meaning, and they tell individual stories. Like any great photograph, the stories Nick’s images create depend on the viewer to help complete the story.
He captures nature and humanity in it’s most important and unique moments. These are moments of honesty and profound beauty simply because he works hard to get there. He will hike, swim, float, dive, jump and stand for hours to get the shot. When he gets there, he knows how to shoot and tell the story.
He does not depend on his subject to make the photograph good, instead counting on the subtleties of light, composition and the natural environment to make them great.
Nick is equally at home shooting people as he is shooting large carnivores and huge waves. They are all nature’s forms, with inner and outer beauty just waiting to be explored, captured and enjoyed in the moment.

Nick’s work has been published in many national and international publications including Outside Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, Surfers Journal, Water, and Drift UK.


9 responses to “Bio

  1. Victor H. Marsillo

    Hey, Nick! You probably don’t remember me, as I was one grade below you, but we went to Our Lady of Sorrows at the same time. I came across your name on and it rang a bell, so I decided to Google you and found this site. It’s nice to see that you’ve done so well for yourself. Anyway, just thought I’d say hi.


  2. Hey Victor
    Thanks a lot for getting in touch. That’s cool. Man that was a long time ago. Hope all is well.


  3. Hey Nick,

    My name is Nick LaVecchia. I live in New Jersey.
    I’m in 10th grade.

    Thought i’d look me up one day and came across you.



  4. Hi Nick, I am a documentary producer from Rhode Island and I am developing 6 half hr shows for Cox Communications. The show is called Brand X. I saw some of your shots online of Sid Abruzzi and really dug them. He’s one of the main interviews in show 2. It’s mostly old school guys combined with some rare archived super 8 footage. I was wondering
    if you’d let us use a few of your cool shots of Sid. Courtsey credit, ofcourse, would be given to you in any form you wish. Let me know if you could help us out at all.

    Scott Cary

  5. Hey Nick,
    It’s been a long time since Seton Hall and Castleton but it looks as though, for you, life is good. Man, you photos are impressive! They really make you imagine what it must have been like to be there in that moment. My wife and I stayed in Tamarindo on our honeymoon and have been to Port Rush, N. Ireland going “What the f$%ks with all the surf shops?”
    Well just thought I’d say hi and hope all is well.

    Cory Kakol

  6. Rolphus H. Abbot

    NICK!!!!! HHHIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t seen you in like forever! Must have been Seton HALL!

  7. barbara gannis

    I’m a Seattle artist who awoke yesterday ( my birthday ) to a email from a friend living in Portsmouth NH. He told a story of how he was digging out his snow buried truck this winter when he was approached by a photographer driving by.
    The photo you took was of him holding his little irrascible dog Max (personality issues surface when elongated objects and strangers stare back at him ) Anyway, David figured it would be a long shot to capture anything good but I just want to say, waking up on my birthday to your photo was the best gift I could have hoped for.
    Thanks, Barbara

  8. Hey Nick,
    Where in NJ did you grow up? I’m from Basking Ridge.
    Living in the south now though. Great photos.
    Nick LaVecchia

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