Monthly Archives: December 2008

Thanks 2008

Here’s a glimpse (click the photo) to some moments captured along the way during 2008. I’d have to say after looking through the archives today, it was a pretty great year. Looking forward to 09.  Happy New Year.



Outside Magazine Jan 09

I recently had an image published in the Jan 09′ issue of Outside magazine.  This image was shot last winter, and is pretty special to me. This was one of those rare jobs that doesn’t come around too often.  Swimming and shooting a rescue mission for the USCG in 30˚ water, being pelted with frozen prop wash while the chopper hovered 20ft overhead. Fun stuff.


Warren Smith West Wetsuit ad

The reports were looking good for the southern Maine region. Even though the temps were gonna be hovering around the freezing mark, I called San Clemente’s Warren Smith and Florida’s Asher Nolan to see if they were up for shredding some cold water waves. 3 days later Warren and Asher were in town, but Warren’s boards and wetsuits didn’t make it.  Needless to say, when they arrived Warren was ready and waiting.  Here’s a new ad from West Wetsuits from Warren’s first day on the scene. Warren had so much fun in Maine, he actually extended his ticket, even with the air temps and waves dropping.


Hawaii continued

Still posted up here on the North Shore.  This morning’s weather weather is the first I’ve seen since I got here.  Ripping 40-50mph wind and driving rain.  Looks like it’s gonna be a down day. Here are a few images from the past weeks brighter moments.





Just in Time for Pipeline

A last minute trip to Hawaii landed Molly, Brad and I on the North Shore just in time to catch Pipe at it’s best.  The past 48 hrs have been filled with photos of picture perfect waves and some Grain Surfboards side projects. Here’s a glimpse of what’s been going on.  I’ll be sure to post more as the days pass.