Monthly Archives: October 2008

Tide Magazine and Grain

Tide Magazine, a surf publication all the way from Germany, contacted me a while back about doing a story on Grain Surfboards. They were going to interview my brother Mike and they needed some images to go along with it. It had been so long I had actually forgotten about this story and what I had sent them. Issue 15 is hot off the press with a 12pg story full of photos and a lot of German words.  If your fluent in the language, below is a link to the pdf. Otherwise you can just enjoy the photos. If anyone can translate, I’d love to know how it reads. Thanks



On with Fall

It’s officially changing seasons here in Maine. Leaves have turned and are falling, animals are burrowing in between the floors in my house, and the waves are getting more and more consistent. Were in a transition period and it seems to be a good one for systems brewing in the Atlantic. I’ve also noticed one too many spiders lurking in and around the windows in my house. I’ve been watching them grow with every moth they catch and I am deathly afraid of spiders. Here are some images captured over the past few days.

Red Dot Special

I haven’t had a good point n shoot in my bag for a while. I think the last small digital camera I owned was one of the early Canon Elphs at a whopping 2.5 megapixels.  Yesterday, while in Boston, I added my first Leica to the bag. I have to say, after only 24 hrs I’m pretty impressed with the files.  10mp, shoots Raw and shoots HD video, all packed in a nice simple camera. This will definitely come in handy for all those precious moments at night, when no one wants to carry their DSLR around.

Here are a couple test shots from yesterday and today. I’ll be posting more from this camera with a full report on the video capabilities as well.

Weddings Whales and Waves

These past few weeks I’ve been on a little Fall tour of New England, on and off boats, chasing waves, shark fishing and going to weddings. The season is finally here. From northern Maine to Vermont and then on to Cape Cod, there was a lot happening. I saw waves I had never seen break. I saw northern right whales playing and diving, sharks, mullets, foliage, and friends I haven’t seen in way too long. Below are some of the moments captured along the way.