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Is this really June?

I’m sure you could ask any of the old timers and they would have a hard time remembering a more wave filled June than we’ve had this year. It’s a good thing, cause it’s kept most of us occupied during this rainy season. Below are some photos from the past week or so. Mikey Detemple was in town touring with his film Picaresque. This is a must see for any wave riding enthusiast. Also visiting Vacationland was Jersey’s own Jason Reagan. Lucky for him he showed up right when the clouds cleared, and the swell was still fun. He even scored a session alone with Maine surfing legend Surfer Crow.


A Good Start

Besides being fairly wet, June and the beginning of summer has been a real swell time. Plenty of weddings, lots of waves, and some good old fashioned summer time fun. Here’s a selection of moments from the past week or so.


I’m pretty fascinated by the shapes and colors that you can find when you look closely at the liquid form. I guess it’s been raining a lot here in New England lately. With the lack of waves, I find myself crawling around looking at scenes like these.

oh yeah, summer is here…get stoked for some warm water sessions with Dug.

Get in the Van – Alma Surf Brazil

Brazilian Surf Mag Alma Surf recently covered the Van on it’s journey to Alaska last April. An amazing trip and a place I know the Van will be back to.

check out the story – Alaska

Gaetano Wedding

Spent the weekend shooting and hanging with old friends and family. The Gaetano wedding went off in York Maine. Quite an event. Here are some random outtakes from the day. Enjoy.