Monthly Archives: January 2009

Maine and Grain featured in The Surfer’s Path

The new issue of the Surfer’s Path is out on stands. It features an 8 pg article about one man’s many journeys to Maine, during all seasons, trying to score some good waves…ultimately to no avail. The Maine story is written by NJ/EXPN surf writer Jon Coen.  This is followed up by another 4 pg story written by Canadien Jeff Martin, who visited Maine this past fall for a week-long board building workshop at Grain Surfboards. Jeff gives you a first hand account of his experiences while camping and building a wooden surfboard in Maine. Get out and grab a copy at your local shop.

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Drink Biba

I recently did some work for this new hydrating alcoholic mixer called Biba. It’s not another energy drink. It’s designed specifically to provide a way to enjoy cocktails without suffering from dehydration & the debilitating post effects of a hangover. Biba is an all natural blend of essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes with a crisp, refreshing lime taste. I tried a couple and they seem to really work and definitely taste a lot better than any energy drink. Check out their new website and click through gallery from the promo event in Boston. Thanks again to David Paquette for putting on a great event.