Monthly Archives: August 2008

Santos SurfArt Festival

I was recently asked to be a part of the Santos SurfArt festival on the coast of San Paolo, Brazil. Artist Jair Bortoleto is putting on what looks to be a really great event, and by the looks of his blog he seems to have lined up a solid number of artists. Below are the images I’ll be showing in the festival. Both are 30×40″ framed gicleé prints. Hopefully come January, I’ll have a ticket to Brazil so I can check this out.  Thanks again Jair.

Poster design by Nat Russell


Thanks Red Bull. Thanks Atlantic City.

Just back from a 4 day work trip to my old home state of New Jersey. It’s always a good time getting back to my roots, and seeing old friends.  As usual the Garden State offered up plenty to do, especially on a Friday night in AC. Red Bull Night Riders was happening just off the north side of the pier. Lights, cameras and plenty of action for anyone in the area. This night there were plenty of characters out in force, roaming the boardwalk and the pier. Our last day was spent relaxing and surfing in LBI with our friends Jon and Ann Coen, before hitting the road back to Vactionland. Below are a few highlights from the weekend.

On the Road with Grain

Not many people I know get to start their work week with a motorcycle ride down the Northeast coast. My brother Mike, Brad and Alex from Grain Surfboards just happen to be 3 people I do know that are doing that right now. Lucky bastards. They loaded up the bikes this morning, and are headed for RI and NJ. They’ll be doing a few demos along the way, finishing up at the Black Whale bar in LBI, New Jersey on the 13th. If your in the area, stop by the Black Whale around 8pm. The boards will be on display and I’ll have a slideshow playing inside.

a FEW outtakes

Thanks to everyone and anyone who came to my show at Corduroy Surf in Portland, ME this past Friday night.  A great night was had by all. If you missed the opening, no need to worry. The show is up for the month of August.

Yesterday, Shem and I had the pleasure of shooting some lifestyle images for FEW Clothing New Zealand. 5 hrs, two models, 3 locations, and a lot of photos.  Thanks to Polaroid Shem, Lucy, Fran, Molly and the Johnson’s for making it possible.