Monthly Archives: June 2008

Ben McBrien doin his moves

Below is Ben McBrien’s newest WRV ad. Ben and I hooked up for this image while on a work vacation down in Puerto Rico this winter. No doubt this guy is the most underated east coast surfer/carpenter/dad out there. Check out more of Ben’s carpentry skills at the Univ stores in Miami and Encinitas.


Line Up Magazine

The last couple issues of North Carolina based Line Up Magazine have had some images from my Caribbean travels this past winter. One 10 page story from the Dominican Republic and some photos from a work/vacation trip to Puerto Rico. Enjoy the pdf’s below.

The Montauk Skishermen

I was recently called upon from Vox Magazine out of the Hamptons, Long Island. They were in desperate need of water photographer that would be willing to shoot some new extreme type of fishing that was going on in Montauk. Supposedly a few local fisherman had been taking their love of fishing to a whole new level. Skishing was the name given to this new way of reeling in the big ones…at least new to me. From what I gathered from the job description, these guys were suiting up in wetsuits, putting on fins and taking to the water with their fishing poles and bait around their waist. I was immediately intrigued and couldn’t wait to get on the ferry to Montauk. Below are some images of the two guys I was working with, 500 yds off the beach, fishing and drifting in the current at dusk. Keep an eye out for the next issue of Vox Magazine for the full story.

Summers Back

The past couple weeks here in York have felt like summer. Sunny skies, temps in the 70’s and 80’s and the onslaught of tiny waves. Thankfully the lifeguards aren’t on duty yet. Below are some photos from last nights’ summer session. This is the time of yeah that everyone is happy with a 2-3ft swell in the water.