Monthly Archives: November 2008


Today was a good day. One of those days when a storm is passing, and the clouds and the light were perfect. I managed to shoot just one photo. This is usually very hard for me to do. I’ve been trying to slow down, watch and wait, for the most perfect moment to make an image.  Here’s the one image from this afternoon around 1:30. Right after this was taken, I went and surfed till dark with only a few friends out. Another reason I love New England in the winter.



Cleaning House

Today is being spent cleaning out old useless files, clothes and everything else i don’t need. Time to free up space from all the clutter.  Let’s see how long it lasts.  Below are some images from this past week.  Another Grain board building class is in the books.  So great to see a group of happy builders and the beautiful boards they built. The number of wooden boards out in the lineup is growing by the week.