Monthly Archives: August 2009

Monster Children #23

New issue of Monster Children is out. Issue #23, the Photo Issue, features a full spread of Warren Smith in Iceland. Check out the mag online here.



Tony and his bicycles

I met Tony just two days ago and he was kind enough to give me a glimpse into his world of used metal and aluminum. He moved to the US from the island of Crete, Greece back in 1975. Tony is a craftsman. From what I gathered, he’s held many odd jobs from San Francisco to New England over the course of 35 years. For the past 18 years he’s been tinkering with, fixing and selling everything from lawnmowers and bikes to jackhammers and cars. His backyard shop is overflowing with character and age. Intertwined into his small world of metal are these amazing grapevines from which he picks and makes wine. The vines have created a vibrant green canopy for Tony to work under during the summer months. There’s even a few nesting birds scattered around. Not a bad spot to spend the afternoons. The photos below are the result of my quick 35 minute visit. Thank you to Tony for taking time out of his day to show me around his roadside oasis.


Summer Days

Suns out, waters warm. Get out and enjoy em.