Monthly Archives: May 2008

Below is Zoo York surfer Ben McBrien’s latest ad running in Surfer Magazine.  Ben and I traveled far East and West for these photos.   Stay tuned for an extended story on Ben’s recent travels.


Rich the surfer

I haven’t been shooting much lately around home, mainly because i’ve been logging some time in the water for once. This morning, a sore swollen elbow forced me to sit the session out and shoot. Thankfully local shaper, surfer Rich Dennis was in the water. Rich surfs everything from his 5’8 fishes to his 9’6 custom swallow-tail single fin. This guy’s got style.

John the Builder

I went out to Grain Surfboards this morning to take some photos of a few recently finished boards. John Hamblett is one of the builders at Grain. He is extremely detail oriented and has produced some of the nicest boards to leave the Grain shop. It’s so hard to see these things go.

Dirty Eyewear

Puerto Rico was a good call this winter. The waves never got that good, but the group of guys i was shooting with made the best of every day. They did their moves and it paid off. It goes to show you can still get work done even on the worst of days. Below is NJ local Jason Reagan’s newest eyewear ad.