Monthly Archives: April 2008

The 49th State

I recently returned from a surf/work trip to Alaska, shooting photos for Joe Carter’s next edition of Get in the Van. I wouldn’t say i surfed much, but the one wave i caught on Ben McBrien’s 5’4 wooden fish was enough to hold me over for the whole trip. This trip was more than i could have ever expected. In the 8 days we were there, we got into snow, rain, sun, waves, driftwood forts, whales, angry sea lions, eagles, grizzlies, salmon, boats, 4 wheelers, and the Van. Keep an eye out for updates on where this story might run. I also be posting some photos to my gallery pages once i get through the editing process. I’d say this trip goes down as one of the best by far, thanks to the crew involved.


Dug and Pita

One of my favorite Maine characters and his co pilot Pita.  These two are a permanent fixture along the southern Maine coast….especially if there are waves.

Bailey Works

I recently shot an art opening at the Ello Gallery in Portsmouth NH. The opening was based around a selection of Bailey Works messenger bags that were distributed among some local artists and companies. The select few were asked to create a piece of art utilizing the bag. Add-ons or deconstructions were welcome. The show saw everything from a wooden bag made by my roommate Cullen to a fully deconstructed bag/turned dress by gallery owner Byrdy Dilando. Overall some really amazing pieces of work. Check out Bailey Works for more.


It’s been almost two years since Ben built this 5’4 Waka fish and for some reason today was the first day i shot him surfing it.  Long story short….the board has been out of his hands for a while but miraculously showed back up at Grain via Dave Rastovich and Billabong. I’m glad it’s back in the right hands…for good.

O’quinn Clothing

I recently did some work with a new clothing company out of Huntington Beach, CA. While down in Puerto Rico I got the call that a couple guys, Ryan Carlson and Mike Hoisington, were flying in to shoot some ads for their new sponsor. Right place at the right time. Here’s one of the newest ads in Surfer Mag.

Busy Winter

So far so good. This winter has been great for travel and for waves at home. Looks like were heading into another week of fun waves. Here’s one from last the sunset last night. One of the early fore runners of the swell.