Planet Earth Ad – TW Business

Here’s one of a couple recent ads I did with Planet Earth clothing. This is running in the current TW Biz magazine. Thanks to Chris Wilson for paddling out alone during this Nor’Easter.


Ocean Minded with Mikey Detemple

Here’s a recent ad I worked on with Ocean Minded and Mikey Detemple. Shot on location somewhere deep in the Bahamas.
Check out the full Bahamas trip here.

Japan – 2 in 1

Some recent work from this winter coming out this month in Japan. Two trips to the Caribbean, two totally different styles of surfing, resulting in two covers in one month.
Thanks Japan.


Wow it’s been while since I’ve been here. My life has been consumed by the Van for a while now.
Check it out…it may soon replace this blog.

Get Uncommon

Finally some nice custom art and photo cases for the Iphone. A good friend of mine started up this company and the site has just launched. I’m honored to be featured as one of the few photographers offering custom photos for your Iphone. Log on, choose a photo or piece of art, scale, rotate and size it how you would like, then buy. Couldn’t be much cooler.
If anyone is interested in having a specific photo from my site on their Iphone case, please let me know. I will get it uploaded.


Maine Magazine issue #1

Here’s some recent work in the new magazine Maine. This story about Grain Surfboards was featured in their launch issue this past September.
Enjoy the pdf here. WholeGrain

10.5 hours of Fall perfection

As the days get shorter, this season seems to keep getting better and better. Back to back swells for the past couple weekends has left everyone content for the most part. For me, yesterday defined the perfect Fall day from sunrise to sunset. I was able to shoot, surf for 3 hours, and shoot some more. No complaints coming from the coast of Maine.